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Advisory and Representation Services: Companies, NGOs and

International Organizations

International Organizations enjoy special privileges which give them immunity from many national laws. The laws of the international organizations demand specialist legal counsel.

Haukim provides expert and highly specialised advice and representation in this technical area of law and is able to draw upon experience and perspective gained when acting for International Organizations, as well as entities seeking to establish, formalise, or negotiate, relationships with them.


Obtaining advice and strategic guidance in the early stages of engagement with international organizations is essential to ensuring a sound and legally compliant basis for future work and engagement. Decisions taken in the early stages of a relationship can have significant and lasting effects.

Unlike many traditional business arrangements, contractual and other relationships with the international organizations may be governed by agreements within their own special jurisdictions and arbitration provisions. Haukim is able to provide advice and guidance during the establishment, formalisation and drafting of new relationships, as well as counsel in respect of the interpretation and preservation of existing agreements with international organizations and inter-governmental bodies.

Haukim can help in a number of ways including:

  • Providing advice and guidance on legal and other risks which may be present when entering into commercial or other agreements with international organizations.

  • Drafting contracts, agreements and legal structures to enable companies and other entities to engage with International Organizations, whilst also properly protecting themselves from risk.

  • Advising on the consequences of venue for dispute resolution contained within any contractual or arbitral clauses.

  • Assisting companies with audit and review work to ensure that they are compliant with international best-practice when engaging with international organizations: examples include OECD Fraud and Corruption provisions and the principles promoted by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.


Where disputes do arise with international organizations, obtaining proper redress can be a challenge: not only do international organizations enjoy significant Privileges and Immunities from legal suit, their size and international standing often frustrates effective engagement. 


Haukim is here to provide specialist legal counsel for pre-litigation negotiations, arbitration and, as a last resort, litigation against international organizations, whether it be within their own tribunal system, pursuant to specialist arbitration clauses or, in exceptional circumstances, in national courts.


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