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Specialist Advice, Advocacy and Representation for 

International Civil Servants

International Organizations enjoy special privileges which give them immunity from national employment laws. The laws of the international civil service (also known as International Administrative Law) are essentially the employment laws of the international organizations. Examples of cases which might fall within this area of law are:

  • Harassment and bullying (also known as 'mobbing')

  • Unfair dismissal

  • Constructive dismissal

  • Discrimination

  • Issues relating to recruitment, retention and promotion

  • Disciplinary Proceedings

  • Whistleblowers

  • Mutually Agreed Separations

Disputes arising from the laws of the international civil service demand specialist legal counsel. ​Jordan Howells provides expert advice, advocacy and representation in this technical area of law and he is able to draw upon extensive experience and perspective gained when acting both for international civil servants on the one hand and International Organizations on the other.

Employment disputes don't need to result in litigation. In the right circumstances, it is often possible to achieve favourable results without resorting to a tribunal. Jordan can provide you with guidance, support and representation both in mediations and in negotiations aimed at achieving 'mutually agreed separations'.



Obtaining advice and strategic guidance in the early stages of an employment dispute is essential not only to avoiding litigation, but also to crafting it as effectively and efficiently as possible. Decisions taken in the early stages of a case can have significant and lasting effects.


When it comes to employment disputes within the International Organizations, advocacy may take the form of written pleadings or oral hearings; often it is a combination of the two. Instructing Jordan to fight your case gives you access to a specialist advocate with carefully honed skills and years of experience of the law of the international civil service, to provide the insight and understanding necessary for effective advocacy in this highly nuanced practice area.


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