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Advisory and Representation Services:  States, Agencies and 

International Organizations

International Organizations enjoy special privileges which give them immunity from many national laws. The laws of the international organizations demand specialist legal counsel.

Haukim provides expert and highly specialised advice and representation in this technical area of law and Counsel is able to draw upon experience and perspective gained when acting for International Organizations, as well as entities seeking to establish, formalise, or negotiate, relationships with them.


Haukim is able, through written and oral engagement, to represent the interests of States, Agencies and international organizations in the establishment, formalisation and negotiation of agreements, including, but not limited to Headquarters Agreements, and privileges and immunities.



Haukim is well-placed to provide advice on the establishment of international organizations, their relationships with States and other public bodies and issues surrounding privileges and immunities.

A full suite of services is available including, but not limited to:

  • Advice and guidance on privileges and immunities. 

  • Drafting, preparation and review of treaties and the 'Basic Documents' of organizations.

  • Drafting and review of internal justice systems to ensure that they are compliant with privileges and immunities, can resist challenge, and are effective, efficient and fit for purpose.

  • Advice on, and preparation of, contractual and other agreements necessary for the functioning of the organization.

Advice is also available in respect of challenges within domestic jurisdictions to the privileges and immunities of international organizations and other bodies which enjoy immunity from legal suit.

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